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Dynomax Drilling Tools screw motors inc

Гвинтові вибійні двигуни Dynomax Drilling Tools inc

Main Features of 6 ¾ in 7-8 Lobe 5.0 Stage HR Series 3 Screw Motor (Oil-filled Spindle Section)

Description Characteristic
Recommended bit diameter, mm 200-251
Chuck Connector 4 ½ REG (C-117)
Maximum permissible load on the bit, daN 58580
Maximum allowable tensile load at air defense, daN 58580
Maximum allowable tensile load, after which re-use of DHW is possible, daN 146000
Maximum allowable tensile load during emergency lifting, daN 243000
Torque converter adjusting torque, N * m 33895
Distance from the bit to the skew angle converter, mm 1650
Weight, kg 1109.5
Western rotor / stator 7/8
The length of the active part of the rotor, m 5
Rotate the motor shaft without load, rpm 0.07
Maximum differential drop, kPa 10377
Maximum torque, N * m 17372
Maximum power, kW 164