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Well Cementing Equipment

Обладання для цементування свердловин

The company owns cementing equipment that consists of a shop for reception, storage and shipment of cement and machinery for cementing oil and gas wells:

Description Characteristic
Cementing truck ЦА-320 on KrAZ 65101 chassis max pump pressure – 320 atm. (5 items).
Cement Batch Mixer СМН-20 on KrAZ 65101 chassis capacity: 20-25 t (3 units)
Batch Mixer reservoir with mixer ПБР-7.5 and electric drive* 17 cub.m.

* used to process grout mix when cementing oil and gas wells. The main function of Batch Mixer reservoir is to reduce grout mix density fluctuations during its preparation or accumulate portions of grout mix with subsequent pumping out. Also, the Batch Mixer reservoir is used for preparation buffer and other fluids containing hardly soluble substances. The Batch Mixer reservoir is used only in combination with pump & mix plants used for cementing of oil and gas wells