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Drilling rig Cardwell KB 200 C

Бурова установка Cardwell KB 200 C

Description Characteristic
Type of unit mobile (self-propelled) rig with mechanical drive for drilling, development and repair of wells.
Assignment of drilling, development and repair (including major) oil, gas and other wells (including hydrogen sulphide content up to 6%) and related operations
Lifting capacity kN (t) 1250 (125);
Depth of application of the unit Drilling - 2743,2m (Drilling tool 73mm); 2286m (89mm Drilling Tool); 1828,8m (114mm Drilling Tool) Service and repair works - 6000m (73mm tubing)
Drive mechanism CAT 3408-DITA diesel engine, 450hp. (335.5kW);
Drilling winch "CARDWELL K200C" - maximum power of 400 hp (300kW).
Tower model "25596", sectional, telescopic, length - 29,5m, on 4 legs-supports. The length of the candle columns of pipes rising 18,0 - 20,0m.
Crown unit construction "Cardwell", lifting capacity 125t.
Rotor Gardner Denver RT 171/2 ”x 44” (455mm x 1118mm), through hole - 445mm, maximum static load 272t. max. sw. about. - 300rpm
Auxiliary winch "Tusla H938" with a lifting capacity - 1t.
Drilling Type (A) Rotary;
Pump (2 pcs.) Pump type - TWS 600S, max. power - 447kW, 600hp
BPO: Universal Shaver Shaffer-70MPa;
BPO: Dual Spot Preventor Shaffer-70MPa;