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Drilling rig КРС A50

Буровий верстат КРС A50

Description Characteristic
Unit type A-50U
Assignment of the unit Designed for the development and repair of oil and gas wells and the following operations: - Installation - dismantling at the well; - Lifting operations with drilling and pumping tubes, rods; - Sanding of corks, jamming of wells, circulation of washing solution during drilling, milling; - Drilling; - Carrying out of fishing works and other works on elimination of accidents in a well.
Assembly unit Car KrAZ-257;
Rotor two-speed drilling rig driven by MN250 / 100, bore hole - 142mm, maximum speed of 70 rpm, maximum load - 60t.
Drill candle length, m 16;
Power drive KrAZ-257 car engine;
Mast (tower) Telescopic, inclined with rollers of auxiliary winch, limiting the extension of the upper section. Height - 22,4m. Cronblock - two-axis, four-roller. Hakoblok - three-roller, uniaxial.