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Drilling Rig DDE 805

Бурова установка DDE 805

Description Characteristic
Model DDE 805
Unit type Hydraulic cantilever cantilever tower
Lifting capacity 340 t
Tower height 41.5 m
Candlestick capacity 4389 m BT-127 and 4 OBT-165 candles
Drilling Winch Electric, 1600 hp
Top drive system Canrig 1035АС-500, with a lifting capacity of 350 tons
Rotor table Through diameter - 952 mm, power - 1155 hp
Borehole pumps JIENENG-TFI RIG, JF-1600, power - 1600 hp
Drive mechanism 3 Cummins KTASO-DR generators, power - 5491 hp (4095 kW) Unico 2400 engines: 3x1600 hp for winch and drilling pumps 2х1200 hp for rotor table and top drive
Drilling station Siemens S7-300
Automatic Chisel Feed IDM Electronic Driller, provides automatic drilling control depending on the chisel load, mechanical speed of drilling, torque on the rotor
BPO Shaffer 11 ”5000 Bolted spherical, maximum pressure 340 atm