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Drilling Rig IDECO SBS DIR-806

Бурова установка IDECO SBS DIR-806

Description Characteristic
Rig Type Mobile (motorised) power driven drilling rig for drilling wells and workover
Rig Operations Drilling, servicing and workover of oil, gas and other wells (incl. those containing 6% of H2S) and related operations.
Lifting capacity rated — 146T, maximum - 160T
Rig penetration depth Drilling: 4,000 m (drill bit 89 mm in dia.), 3,700m (drill bit 114 mm in dia.)
Drive mechanism 2 engines "CAT 3408-DITA diesel engine", power 500hp (370kW).
Drilling winch "DIR-805" - maximum power of 900 hp (675kW)
Tower IDECO-SBS KM 112 358 AGH model, 2-section, telescopic, U-shaped, 34.0 m in length, candle length not exceeding 22.0 m.
Crane block "IDECO-SBS DIR-806", with a capacity of 160t.
Rotor «IDECO LR-205D 520,7mm x 1378mm», through diameter - 520,7mm, maximum static load - 408t., Maximum rotation speed - 300rpm.
Auxiliary winch 2pcs. «Samiia», Load capacity - 1t. 2pcs. «Samiia», Load capacity - 1t .: Rotary.
Pump (2pcs) Triplex: MP9-800ST-4; CAT C18, power-700 hp (522 kW)
BOP Universal Preventor - UPETROM 13 5/8 ”; 35MPa.
BOP Dual Spot Preventer - UPETROM DF - 13 5/8 ”; 35 MPa.