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Coiled tubing technology

Колтюбінгові технології

The range of work the company carries out using coiled tubing fleet is very wide. From flushing and development, to a whole integrated approach, which includes: restoring the bottom of the well and the perforation zone, using the GVD (screw downhole motor) drilling the hole in the sidetracks; radial drilling; acid treatment of the formation; the establishment of cement bridges and insulating polymer systems; hydropiscostrume perforation. Every year, the list of works that are carried out with the help of coiled tubing is expanding and developing more and more.

In 2019 More than 25 well operations were carried out using coiled tubing fleets. Work performed on well development, washing out of Proppants after hydraulic fracturing, restoration of artificial bottom hole, acid treatments with various systems based on acids, surfactants, inhibitors and various polymers, development of new drilled wells.

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