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Drilling Fluids Service

Правильний вибір  типу промивальної рідини при спорудженні свердловин забезпечує

Proper selection of drilling mud helps to:

  • increase productivity of reservoir;
  • prevent stuck pipe due to wellbore instability;
  • minimize drilling risks in deviated and horizontal wells;
  • reduce time for well construction.

Drilling fluid service includes:

  • On-site engineering service for drilling and well completion fluids
  • Mud program design
  • Preparing drilling fluids for Workover operation
  • Supply of required chemicals and materials as per Client request
  • Daily reporting and End-of-Well-Report for each project
  • Monitoring of solids control systems

Сервіс бурових розчинів включає

Наші переваги

Наші переваги

Our advantages:

  • 10+ years of experience in drilling deviated and horizontal wells;
  • Two Field Units for mud testing fully equipped with the required tools and materials according to API standards (made by OFITE, USA);
  • Our own logistic base for storing an emergency stock of chemical reagents;
  • Only certified materials are used;
  • Application of modern systems of drilling fluids on a water-based (Spud Mud, Low clay inhibited, KCL-Polymer, KCL-Polymer HTHP, KCL-Polymer Polyamine);
  • Partnership Agreement with major service companies to work with oil-based drilling mud (OBM) systems.