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Gyroscopic inclinometer well survey services

Послуги з промірювання свердловин гіроскопічним інклінометром

Drilling Company Goryzonty provides a range of services for measuring wells with a gyroscopic inclinometer, which include:

  • Clarification / determination of the geodetic coordinates of the wellhead with modern geodetic instruments;
  • measurements of cased wells without stopping their work;
  • Determination of the well profile at the drilling stage without using a telesystem;
  • Providing a report on the spatial location of wellbores, geometric parameters of the uncertainty ellipse and the distance between them;
  • Design of wells located in areas with a high risk of intersection with neighboring wells;
  • Orientation of wedges (vipstock) in cased wells;
  • Using a gyroscopic inclinometer in wells with zenith angles of more than 60 degrees.