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It has been documented that the development of oil and gas mines in Galicia began in 1810. Since 1861 mining has been conducted in an industrial way. Drilling companny Goryzonty, continues the traditions of development, conducts drilling of oil and gas wells, major repairs and provides a full range of related services and works.

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Dynomax Drilling Tools screw motors inc

Гвинтові вибійні двигуни Dynomax Drilling Tools inc

Main Features of 6 ¾ in 7-8 Lobe 5.0 Stage HR Series 3 Screw Motor (Oil-filled Spindle Section)

Description Characteristic
Recommended bit diameter, mm 200-251
Chuck Connector 4 ½ REG (C-117)
Maximum permissible load on the bit, daN 58580
Maximum allowable tensile load at air defense, daN 58580
Maximum allowable tensile load, after which re-use of DHW is possible, daN 146000
Maximum allowable tensile load during emergency lifting, daN 243000
Torque converter adjusting torque, N * m 33895
Distance from the bit to the skew angle converter, mm 1650
Weight, kg 1109.5
Western rotor / stator 7/8
The length of the active part of the rotor, m 5
Rotate the motor shaft without load, rpm 0.07
Maximum differential drop, kPa 10377
Maximum torque, N * m 17372
Maximum power, kW 164