Cement storing services

Буріння нафтогазових свердловин

Well cementing is one of the most important stages in well construction which plays an important role in its further exploitation. The quality of well cementing depends on the quality of cement, mud, spacer, etc. Therefore, analysis of the compatibility of spacer, mud and cement should be done in advance, but close to the cementing operation.

Drilling Company Goryzonty LLC offers storage and delivery of cement directly onto the rig site. Cement that comes by rail or truck and is unloaded into special containers, and the day before cementing it is shipped to the rig site. Besides, the cement is weighed and if necessary packed etc. Cement storing unit is located in Sambir, Lviv region.


  • cement passes quality test which allows to prepare cement in advance
  • it gives enough time to make the compatibility test of cement and drilling mud and, thus, make the spacer
  • the cement is stored in proper conditions and not in "big bags" on the rig site which guarantees its high quality